Desperate Times…

My hands shook as I grabbed the controls of my pod. Not from fear, but from a sense of rage. A rage that I had only felt twice in my existence. As I hit my first gate it was apparent that patrols were at a minimum in Syndicate areas that evening. I had to hit 6 gates before I would even enter High Security Space. I passed through each gate one by one, though I never seen a sign of a single patrol.

I hit Stacmon at around 0500, and immediately docked up at The Freedom Extension Warehouse. This place was obviously not a trade hub, but it would do the job I suspected. I hastily exited my pod and put on a jumpsuit that was hanging in the docking bay. Moving as quick as I could without causing a scene I made my way to the Market.

When I hit the market I started checking prices on my favorite brands of Whiskey. Knowing that I didn’t have time to haggle over pricing I quickly paid triple the going rate for 3 bottles. Shuffling through a sea of people I grabbed my purchase and headed for the lodging hanger.

As I approached the desk of the lodging hanger I put my bag down on the desk and requested a room for 1 night, “Just need to catch a few hours of sleep” I said to the clerk.

The clerk looked at my bag, then looked back at me,“1000 isk a night”.

I grabbed the change from my earlier purchase and counted out 1000 isk and handed to him.

“Mind if I ask whats in the bag man?”

“Yes I do”.

“I’m sorry buddy but I have to know what is in that bag before I give you the key code”.

Reaching over the counter I grabbed him by the throat. “You will give me that key code, regardless of my personal belongings and you will do it right now!” “Because if you don’t, I will personally slit your damn throat and give your corpse to a friend of mine that would be glad to add a lowly clerk to his collection of pilot corpses, do you understand… Buddy?”

“Yyy-eeesss Siiirrr.” “Hanger 9, key code 987376″

“Thank you.”

Releasing my grip from his throat I grabbed my bag and headed down the hall. Looking left and right, practically running down the hall until I found hanger #9. It seemed with a greater purpose that I punched 987376into the number pad to the right of the door. The door instantly slid open and I ran inside.

As the door slammed shut I put my bag on the desk in the middle of the hanger and hastily pulled the 3 bottles out. With a fierce grip I twisted the top off the first bottle, threw it across the hanger and put the bottle to my lips. As I raised the bottle, the whiskey seemed to just keep coming out, easily sliding down the back of my throat. I pulled the bottle away from my lips and sat down on my bunk. I looked at the bottle, almost half gone after one drink and starting contemplating my life, past and present.

After what seemed only a few minutes I looked back at the bottle, “Damn, Empty”. “WAIT, WHAT, Empty?” I still felt enraged, more than enraged, I was just pissed off. Grabbing the second bottle I quickly twisted the cap off and tossed on the desk. Grabbing my pistol I sat down at the desk and released the clip. I un-chambered the last round and put the pistol near the clip and single bullet directly in front of me.

A single tear ran slowly down my face and hit the desk. It would be the first of many, one by one the tears seem to fall, creating a puddle of my sorrow in front of me. “How did I end up like this?” A proud capsuleer, a decorated soldier, damned to live a life of emptiness, a life of drunken rage”

I started to think about my father, Walter Michaels, how proud of a man he was. I remembered the little time I was able to spend with my mother and him at our home on Sivala IX. I remembered the day I was stripped from my family to be forced into a training camp for 10 year old pilots. Stripped away from my only childhood friend. Forced to live a life in space, forced to change my name and live a life of solitude,  a life of a soldier at the age of 10. Later forced to fight in a war that seemed to drag on for ages. It was during that war that I would receive notification of my families slaughter.

Seemed that a Gallentian raid on Sivala IX would take the life of my dear parents and leave me to live a life of solitude in space. Well until I met the love of my life, who was again taken from me before I was ready to say goodbye. Tears continued to run down my face.

“This is how I ended up like this” “A proud capsuleer, A proud soldier?” “PFFFTTT” “I wasn’t man enough to save the life of my loved one’s” “TWICE” ” I should have been there to save my parents” “I could have saved them!” “I watched the love of my life get murdered right in front of me” “Her blood is on my boots” “I’m not a man, I’m a coward”….

As I finished the second bottle I could barely hold my eyes open. Partially from exhaustion, but mainly because I was drunk. Tears still flowing and collecting on the desk in front of me, I grabbed my pistol and clip. I slid the clip into the base of my pistol. I knew what I had to do, I knew now more than ever what I needed to do. I was a lousy excuse of a pilot and even lousier excuse of a man.

I grabbed the third bottle and twisted the cap off, slowly this time, laying it on the desk next to the single bullet still standing on its end. I pulled the bottle to my lips and held it upright, not stopping swallowing until the whiskey stopped flowing from its end. I sat silent for a few minutes, no tears, no thoughts, just blank. Knowing that I couldn’t hold my eyes open much longer I put a firm grip on my pistol and raised it to my temple.

I started sobbing as I lowered my pistol and set it on the desk in front of me. “I’m not even man enough to pull the trigger”…. As I got up from the desk I stumbled, falling to the floor. Lying there unable to move I closed my eyes, and wished that somehow true death would find me in my sleep.



As I lay in my bunk that night, I felt nothing short of uneasy. In a cold sweat and in fear of what this lonely and sober night had in store. If you would have seen me you would have sworn that I was being held hostage and tortured. In my mind I was, I was held hostage in this station, and tortured by a cruel reality that I could never seem to escape. The minutes seemed like hours as my restless body lay still, afraid that if sleep fell on me I would undoubtedly start dreaming. Though it seemed as if I could not stop the dreaming now even if I was awake. Somehow my fear took me back, back to a time that I wish I could somehow forget. I started to daydream about my past, my love, and my work during the Caldari/Gallente war.

Shortly after The Gallente-Caldari War ended, during which time my entire family was executed at the hands of The Federation, I had been assigned to run security patrols in The Citadel Region. My job was pretty easy, patrol the belts and clear any Pirates that might have a chance to harass any ships incapable of defending themselves. One night while making my last set of rounds, I happened across a Magnate mining in theUedama System. I passed through in my Merlin seeing that everything was clear and decided I would warp to a nearby station and dock up for the evening. Just as I started to hit warp speed I noticed what looked to be 5 Pirates warping in. As I approached the station I quickly went to warp back to the belt. Scotty however had different plans for me, as soon as I neared the station he seen me coming and activated the docking sequence. As soon as I hit the hanger I made Scotty undock my ship.

I entered space and hit my warp drive, knowing I was too late. Whoever that poor pilot was would be gone and I had not done my job. There was no way that Magnate would stand up to 5 Pirate ships. As I entered the belt I couldn’t believe my eyes, the Magnate was still in tact, but barely. I hit my afterburners and quickly made a pass right through the group of Pirates. I quickly targeted 4 of them and began orbiting tight. They were no match at all for my Blasters or my Rockets. All 4 went down in what seemed like seconds. Targeting the fifth I could see he was closing in on a final blow to the unknown pilot. I hit the Afterburners again headed straight for the Pirate, blasting rounds and rockets the entire way. The last ship exploded just before he would have laid a final blow to the Magnate.

As I approached the Magnate I could see it smoking and sputtering. I knew the chances of it making back to a station alone were anything but great. I did the only thing I could do, called over local comms and asked the pilot to Fleet up so I could escort the badly damaged ship back to a station. I received no verbal communication just some flashing lights and then the Magnate moved in close to me. I began to escort the ship to a nearby station, one that I knew had a damn good repair shop, as this was going to be a ton of work. It took us a few minutes but soon we approached the station and Scotty had the Magnate all docked up, I followed quickly after.

I was still in my ship when the Magnate pilot stepped out. I took a quick glance and looked back down at my controls, only to immediately realize what I had seen and look back up. Standing next to this badly beaten ship was the most beautiful Amarrian I had ever laid eyes on. I hastily exited my ship and made my way towards her. I could remember just how shaken she looked as I approached. I quickly introduced myself, and apologized for taking so long to get back to help her. She nodded and introduced herself as well, saying “Better late than never Denovin“. “I am Alyria, Alyria Kyrin” she said as she cordially put her hand out in front of her, obviously requesting a handshake. Everything still felt so real, I could almost feel her hand, the warmth that surrounded it.

Scotty quickly came around the ship to ensure that the mechanic on duty could fix her ship. Explaining that it would take a few hours, but it would be as good as new. “Put it on my tab” I said to Scotty, he nodded in agreement. I offered to take her to dinner, explaining that there was a nice little Civire spot in the station. Alyria quickly agreed and we made our way across the station. At dinner we laughed, talked about anything, everything and sometimes nothing at all. Dare I say it was love at first sight? It was for me anyways. After that night we spent a few months traveling various systems together. I would run personal security for her while she was mining, or doing various jobs while I was off the clock. It didn’t take too long for us to want to spend our lives together, we were married just 6 months after our initial meeting.

A few years after being married, 3 years, 5 months and 2 days to be exact, my dear bride said she needed to go to the Essence Region for business. Knowing that I could not make the journey due to patrolling duties I just asked that she get back as soon as possible. I didn’t like The Federation and didn’t trust them either. These trips went on for 2 years differing in length each time. The next time she said she had to go she begged me to come with. I agreed and asked for a week off from patrolling duties. We set off for the Essence Region arriving in Algogille. Our first stop was at Federation Navy Testing Facilities.

Suddenly as I was laying there I started sweating again, the love and warmth I felt just moments earlier were no longer there. My mind flashed ahead to our arrival in the station, the stampede of Federation Troops. It all happened so quickly, both us grabbed, restrained and dragged away to separate cells. I could still feel the torture, the burning flesh, the electricity running through my body. I could hear Alyria’s screams of desperation, all the while wondering why they would do this to her. Begging for them to let her go, she was a miner, what could they possibly want from her. I was obviously the one they wanted. Boy was I wrong, I remembered the questions, always getting to the same one. Did you know your wife was a spy, guilty of Corporate espionage? I remembered laughing, my tired, beaten, tortured body convulsing as I did so. A spy? My wife? There was no way she was a spy, no way she could keep this secret from a Military man such as myself.

I remembered the pictures spread out on the table in front of me. Pictures of my wife with various Federation diplomats. I remember closing my eyes, telling them I didn’t want to see anymore. Begging that they stop torturing us, begging for both of our lives. Even with undeniable proof of my wife, the love of my life, being a spy I still refused to face it. Suddenly my thoughts jumped straight to the end. I could see it all over again, two men dragging my beaten wife into my cell. Forcing her to admit to her crimes against The Federation. The pistol being pulled from the holster, I could hear the shot, smell the powder, see the blood. I could still taste the tears I shed as her body hit the floor of my cell.

I screamed as I jumped up from my bunk and punched the wall. My daydreams which used to be so warm, so loving, had been corrupted by the nightmares I had hid away with alcohol. I stood in the mirror, sobbing, wishing I could see her again. Wishing my last visions of her weren’t those of her death, her blood running under my boots. I ran out to the hanger and boarded my pod, knowing I had no ship but knowing I had to get out of here, knowing I had to get a drink. I undocked and set my systems for Sivala, and swore that nothing would keep me from my destination….


0.0 Day 2……

When I opened my eyes I thought I was dead. Hell even death felt better than this, and at least with death the effects wear off after you awaken in your clone bay. I was obviously hungover, a feeling that I had not had to get used to seeing as how I usually had the opportunity to stay drunk. Luckily the dreams hadn’t started yet, but if I didn’t get a drink they were sure to come soon. When I got out of my bunk I almost fell over. After catching my balance I noticed the mirror on the wall, I started over to it, already hating the image I could see in the distance. As I got closer it got worse, I could see how pale my skin was, how bloodshot my eyes were. I couldn’t help but think of the past and why I had become such a crazy drunk.

I pulled a pack of smokes from my pocket, grabbed one as quick as my shaking hands would let me and lit it. Just as I started to head to my pod I heard some chatter on comms. I quickly boarded, to hear “the boss”calling for an escort from Stacmon to 0.0. Apparently this was the escort Chainer was speaking of the day before. I had no idea we would bringing the boss through and did not know if I was up for this sort of task. Either way I was sober and that wasn’t good, so I had to go with if I wanted any chance at a drink.

Chainer quickly informed me that we needed to head out. Once again he and I undocked, Chainer in his buzzard and I had the trusty merlin I had gotten to know so very well. The drill was pretty much the same, Chainer first, then me to make sure gates were clear all the way through. I was pretty shaky at this point, and you could probably tell by my flying.

What should have been a fairly easy escort through 6 low security systems quickly turned sour at around the 4th gate. Chainer jumped first and had me jump right along with him. We found ourselves camped, still cloaked I knew my time was running short and so did Chainer. What he did next made me question just which one of us was a crazy drunk. Chainer came on comms and said “on the count of 3 warp to the next gate”. Before I could even argue he was at 3 and as my merlin warped I watched him uncloak and sacrifice his buzzard. To this day I cant understand why, the mere price alone was not worth it.

As I hit the next gate in the system I waited on the gate for any sign of my flight partner. Chainer quickly came in behind me in his pod. I asked him why he sacrificed his ship for mine and he wouldn’t respond, just said lets keep going. We jumped to the next system and once again found ourselves camped. As we both hit warp we knew what the outcome would be. After a few large explosions and a lot of pain we found ourselves back in the very system we started from in a clone bay. This time with no ships but the Shiny Ibis given to us via the insurance company.

Chainer quickly called on comms to let Casiella know what happened and that we would not be able to escort her safely. Casiella obviously understood as she did not want to lose any of her assets either. Chainer decided it would be a good idea to get some projects completed in station, as well as trying to procure a few ships for us, and of course resting up. All I could think was “Rest up?” Ha, very easy for him to say. I was in bad condition, I was feeling the strain of my sober reality and had no way of getting a drink in this damn station.

As I headed back to my bunk I could feel myself growing angrier. I could feel the past that I had kept so hidden by booze creeping back up. I could feel the sweat start to pour down my pale face, and knew it would be a very long and restless night. I also knew at this rate it wouldn’t be long before my new corp mates would catch on to my problem and start asking questions. I can only hide my sober past for so long without drinking it away. Laying in my bunk I prayed to whatever God’s might be out there that the dreams would conceal themselves for one more night and that tomorrow would be the day I would finally get to drink it all away again…..


EVE’s Ivory Tower

While its not in my nature to bash players or corporations in EVE, there was a tweet tonight by a fellow pilot that has dug up some very harsh emotions. I swore that I would keep this to myself until a day that I could figure out how I should deal with this in game. Tonight I have made the decision that players need to know exactly what “The Ivory Tower of Eve” really is.

For those of you that did not know, I spent about a year in “Eve University”. When I found them I thought what could be better? A university for a game that is so deep, so intense that it takes years to master and even then you never really master it. It was only after a few short months that I began to think, “What could be worse than this?”

Now while I know that everyone has there own opinion, I am going to share mine about Eve University and my experiences. Lets start with what I see as the positives.

1. The forums are literally a plethora of knowledge just waiting to be absorbed. Tons of MP3’s, walk through’s, etc.

2. Classes are abundant, well when they run them, when they aren’t wardec’d….
3. There are some good pilots and some very good people in the UNI, just too bad most are low on the totem pole.

Now on to my observations and experiences while in the University, all of which were bad BTW.
When I first “got accepted” into the UNI there were more than a few classes I was immediately interested in. I posted up on the forums that I would attend a few and started getting ready to learn. Before the classes ever took place the UNI got wardec’d, they shut down all classes, all mining op’s, mission running, basically anything any new player could do in game. If you broke these rules you would immediately be removed from the UNI as was explained to me by my recruiter. This seemed odd seeing as the UNI was there for NEW players, for us to learn and have fun. I was then told we could not undock unless we were in a fleet led by and experienced fleet leader. Do you know how much fun it is to sit in a station trying to get into a fleet only to get passed up for a “more experienced player” or even better for a fleet to never get started? How do you get to be a more experienced player if you cant get into a fleet because of the more experienced players? It is obviously a very vicious cycle.

They do give you an option to be dropped out of corp during wartime so that you can do as you please, however it was my experience that you would be out of the corp for very extended periods considering they were wardec’d back to back about 3 or 4 times. This caused me to eventually take a leave of absence from the game. I left for about 4 months and when I came back, that’s right, wardec’d. So I played the waiting game again, trying to find fleets, trying to get experience in EVE which was the reason I joined the UNI. I finally was taken out on a fleet op, if that is what you really want to call it. We undocked, too many ships to count, warped to a POS and literally sat there inside the POS for about an hour or so, watching the 1 enemy pilot that was camping us. Then we warped back to a station where we docked up. Tons of experience and fun, let me tell you…

I decided to try to make the best of it and started asking questions in corp chat to try to gain some knowledge. Some times, depending on who was online, my questions were answered in a friendly manner. However on more than one occasion I was told by “instructors” that I should learn to read and check the forums, no that is not an exaggeration. So this is how you teach your new pilots? Pilots who are very green and just want to experience a game like no other. Its amazing that more people don’t quit EVE after joining a University such as this.

I had taken more than one leave from EVE, started trying to create new characters so that I could have fun. Finally deciding that I had too much invested in Denovin Zyrinax, I logged him in and prepared to quit the UNI. While I was waiting for the 24 hour period to tick away I decided to move all my assets around a bit. I had things scattered everywhere and wanted to be as far away from EVE-UNI’s home system as possible. I decided to move about 20 jumps away from them, honestly don’t remember which system at this point.

I grabbed my badger and started hitting all the stations that I had assets in and moving them to my new “home”. I made about 2 clean runs and was just heading back with my 3rd when my phone rang. It was my older sister, she informed me that my stepmother was just rushed to the hospital and passed away before she arrived. I was sitting at my desk and glanced at my monitor seen i was sitting on top of a gate. At this point I was trying to make arrangements to leave and be with family so I told her I was OMW and hung up. Just as I looked up and was about to warp to a station I started getting shot. It was all over in about 5 seconds, my ship was gone, all my assets gone. Directly after I was podded, and a chat request came through. It was Azmodeus Valar, informing me that I broke the Universities policy and was blown up because of it. Apparently they were wardec’d and I failed to check that out since I was done with them.

I pretty much informed Azmodeus of the things that happened to me in RL, not so much for pity but more because I was still trying to deal with those feelings and well she chatted me and was there. After being told pretty much that she didn’t care about it, all she cared was that she was doing her job for the UNI, I went off. She then informed me that I could petition a member of the UNI, a player I didn’t remember, to get my assets back and be reinstated to the UNI. I told her I didn’t want in the UNI and cussed her out. Told her it was explained to me that if you broke wartime rules you would be kicked from the UNI not podded. I am sure I wasn’t nice at this point and was being rude in many ways I’m sure. She ended the conversation and immediately following I received the eve-mail stating I had been removed from the corp and could petition to get reinstated. I replied with a big old FUCK YOU and your corp and logged.

So you are probably thinking what did I stay on for if I had an emergency, to be honest it didn’t feel as if I were sitting there for long, Id say that all of it happened rather quickly and I was out the door. My point is not for people reading to take pity on me for RL problems or for being podded in EVE, I know the dangers and I know its a game. My point is that even if RL didn’t happen that day, even if I didn’t lose someone very dear to me, what happened was morally wrong. What happened was that a corp that is put on a pedestal, a corp that is supposed to nurture new players and make them stronger via training and experience does not do its job. My point is that information that was laid out at the time of recruitment, information stating that when wartime rules are broken you will at the worst be removed from the UNI is misleading, when you get podded for another UNI “ranking” members enjoyment. Corporations, even if they are a “school” of sorts should stick together.

I guess this is my way of trying to point out exactly how many new players are treated when joining a UNI of any kind in game. I have read and heard too many bad experience stories to think that EVE-UNI or any UNI should be placed on a pedestal or be viewed as “The Ivory Tower of EVE” Now I am sure there will be some people that read this are affiliated in some way with EVE-UNI or other UNI’s and see things differently. I am sure I will get flamed at some point, all I can say to that is this. These are my views of my personal experience inside EVE-UNI and my opinions so FLAME ON…..

Fly wreck less o7


0.0 Day 1….

My head was pounding as I climbed out of my bunk. I thought to myself that I should feel more refreshed that I actually did. Obviously I had too much to drink the day before my arrival in Stacmon. So I did what any good drunk would do, grabbed a bottle and headed for my pod. Pushed it into my Merlin and made sure all the connections were secure. As I sat in my lonely seat I powered on my communication systems. Immediately afterward I set my destination for 0.0 and called over comms for Chainer. Turns out I was in luck, he was in Stacmon getting ready to escort another BKAT member’s hauler to 0.0.

I undocked my Merlin and headed for their location. Chainer was flying his buzzard and Moare Ore was flying a hauler. Our mission was simple, make sure Moare and his cargo made it through to our 0.0 base of ops safely. My personal mission, stick to Moare like glue, make sure he doesn’t get blown to bits. As we started our journey Chainer jumped first, obviously to make sure the gate was clear, then Moare and I. We did this 6 or 7 times successfully and ended up at our 0.0 home.

Moare and I docked up long enough to update our clones and allow Moare to jump in his cruiser. We undocked so that Chainer could show us the system. We set up a few safe warp bookmarks and headed out withChainer to see the sites. After hitting a few belts we noticed another ship coming to the belt we were near. Before Chainer could get the words out I was already in warp to a safe spot, then I heard it “Get out of here now!” “Too late”. The “Too late” was Moare, seems he didn’t get out in time.

Chainer and I docked up at the same station and began monitoring Local Comms. It wasn’t too long after that we heard a communication that we knew was directed at us. “Out ratting in my belts? in my backyard…”Chainer then mentioned that he was sure we were being camped and suggested we find some things to occupy our time in the station, rather than risk losing more corporate assets trying to out run our assailant. I agreed as I had seen very little combat in the past few months and knew I was a little rusty. Besides I had run out of alcohol and needed to find more and needed to find it quick.

Seems this new station I was going to be calling home had very little trade going on. This could be an issue. I was out of booze and needed a drink and couldn’t find anything in the station, which I was stuck in due to a hostile camping it. Trying to focus my attention anywhere but on my alcoholic needs I began assisting Chainer in an attempt to monitor local comms and make notes of groups that might also be inhabiting the system, and weeding out who “might be hostile”. It seemed as if we were at it for hours, all the while I could feel myself slowly slipping back into my sober reality, a reality I was sure I didn’t want to face….

As we finished and started heading to our bunks, Chainer informed me that we would be making run to Highsec the following day for another transport. Great! I thought as I hit my bunk, knowing that I would have enough time to pick up more than enough booze to keep me going for a few weeks. Either way tomorrow will be a hell of a day, already starting to sober up I closed my eyes and wished for sleep to hit fast….



As I searched my pockets for a pack of smokes I realized that this could very well be the last time I would sit at this desk, in this station. As I lit a cigarette I made the decision that it would be the last time. There was nothing that could or would drag my ass back to this damn station. There are way too many bad memories here, countless hours spent alone working for a corporation that is going nowhere and going there as fast as it can.

As I powered on my comm systems I poured a tall drink. I needed to make this quick. For weeks I’d been working for this corporation alone. I am the only pilot who had been in those damn belts mining everyday. Where were the rest of the pilots that fly for this corp? I had all but drove myself crazy in the past weeks. I found myself talking to myself, almost answering at times. I had become a drunk, and a very lonely and volatile one.

As I poured my second drink I started becoming more enraged. I started to think about how it all began, the B.S. recruiter. How I was showered with gifts in the first few days. Then slowly people stopped working, pilots were stationside for weeks at a time, while I sat in belts mining and driving myself insane. I’d had enough at this point, there would be no more for me. I ‘d already started looking for another job. Started looking for a new home, a new station for this drunk and lonely pilot.

As I poured my third I started typing……

Sir, I have flown my last op for you. I am resigning effective immediately. I have lost my last ship to this corporation and its B.S. don’t fire even when fired upon rule. I have spent countless hours out in the fields mining and hauling. I have not seen a single pilot from this corporation in weeks. I have placed my self in the 24 hour stasis period and will have my hangar cleared before you get this message, I’m sure.

It was short and to the point. I pressed send, hopped in my pod, set my destination, and undocked. As I passed by the station I gave it the old 1 finger salute and hit the warp drive. I figured I would jump a few systems over and dock up long enough to buy more booze and find a more permanent home. I’d had a few offers and made a few friends in the past weeks. Just needed to sit and sort some things out. With my autopilot set I started sorting through job offers. Just when I thought I had made my mind up I heard some chatter on comms. A pilot I had befriended in my journey offered me a job. A job in Null Sec, for the Syndicate. I thought to myself what could be better than working for the “Mafia” of New Eden? Nothing, thats what, I immediately reset my autopilot to his corporate headquarters. As my ship entered the hangar only one thing was on my mind. I needed to get this application in and accepted and get out to Null Sec ASAP.

Immediately upon submission my application was accepted. BKAT was officially this pilots new home. I decided to unload my hauler and set up shop before fitting a new ship for my journey to Null Sec. Besides I was still drunk and needed some rest. I let Chainer know what my plans were and told him I would head to our Null Sec system as soon as I got some much needed rest. He agreed and with that I unloaded my cargo and headed to my bunk…… Much needed rest for a very worn out pilot.

To Whom It May Concern

“Skill Training Completed”…. About damn time, I thought as I jumped in my Caracal. At this point I couldn’t recall exactly how long I waited for this day. After boarding my ship I immediately hit the market and started gathering my fittings. Seeing as how I was very limited on isk I shopped as I usually do for the best price. After purchasing all of my new “toys” I immediately checked my assets to see how many jumps were ahead of me.

Having very few weapons, no drones, and no good fits yet on my new ship I departed. Risk? Sure I knew the risk, but I was a Highsec pilot, a 6 month noob. Dangers? Of course I know of the dangers in the depths of space. I spent a little time in fleet op’s during wardec’s while I was a capsuleer for EVE University.

So here we go I thought as I set my first destination and started my journey. My first destination was around 8 jumps if I recall. My second was around 5 if memory serves me. My next destination, the jump that I will never forget. 16 jumps. Star gate after Star gate I made my way til I was 1 jump from my destination. I vividly remember what I was picking up from this station. 2 Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I and 1 Anti-Kinetic Screen Reinforcer I.

As I set my ship to jump to my final destination a warning flashed on my controls. You are about to enter 0.4 space….. are you sure you want to do this. As I am not very familiar yet with low or nullsec space I thought for a second, weighed my options, the risks, and decided it was one jump, one station, in and out quick. I confirmed my jump. As I came through the Gate, I was ambushed……. Gate Campers…..

Damn it I thought, trying to figure out how I was going to get myself out of this mess. It took about 2 seconds for one of the Campers to make communication. I wish I would have saved that comm log but I can run down just about how it went. He told me I was a fool for jumping into his corps space. He asked me for 30 mil to save my ass, keep my ship and not lose my implants. This is when i chuckled. He didn’t know that I didn’t have any implants yet, well none that meant anything, and that I was broke from buying my new “toys”. I explained I didn’t have 30 mil and couldn’t borrow it as he suggested.

He then asked that I leave my ship, he never made it clear if he would Pod me or not, but I did as requested and left the new ship that I had waited what seemed like a lifetime to fly. I waited for about 10 seconds expecting the worst. I got one last communication from my favorite Gate Camper, “Thank You for you cooperation, and have a wonderful evening.” HaHa I thought as I warped to a station where I would be reunited with the shiny little Ibis that I had come to know so well over the past 6 months. Before I undocked I considered the fact that I had no idea where i really was, what systems were next in route around me and that I knew only one way out. The same way I came in…
So I undocked, thinking if they didn’t kill me the first time they would surely let me pass, seeing as how they just took my ship and all. I warped to the gate, before i could set my ship to jump I was in my pod, before i could think about warping i was dead…

As I re-emerged as a clone of my former self, in a station where I was sure I was safe and away from my Gate Camping friends I thought long and hard about what happened to me on this night in space. I tried to be mad, tried to plot revenge but somehow all I could do is laugh as read my losses on the kill mail. to this day, nearly a month later I still chuckle about my experience with “The Gate Camper with Manners” as I like to refer to him. This experience changed my EVE career and the outlook I had on fellow capsuleer’s and their choices. See I knew of the dangers before I set out and I still journeyed. I learned a very valuable lesson on the fate filled evening. I learned that no matter what anyone says, we are all just trying to take a piece of New Eden and make it our own. We are all just trying to make a viable mark on the vastness that is space. The only difference is how we choose to do it or how differently we choose to. Will there be differences, will there be wars, will there be carnage? I hope so…….

So…. To Whom It May Concern, and if you ever read this post I am sure you will know who you are. Thank You, if for nothing else opening my eyes to the world that is EVE and its many differences. You have forever changed me… Oh and thanks for being polite after you stole my ship