0.0 Day 1….

My head was pounding as I climbed out of my bunk. I thought to myself that I should feel more refreshed that I actually did. Obviously I had too much to drink the day before my arrival in Stacmon. So I did what any good drunk would do, grabbed a bottle and headed for my pod. Pushed it into my Merlin and made sure all the connections were secure. As I sat in my lonely seat I powered on my communication systems. Immediately afterward I set my destination for 0.0 and called over comms for Chainer. Turns out I was in luck, he was in Stacmon getting ready to escort another BKAT member’s hauler to 0.0.

I undocked my Merlin and headed for their location. Chainer was flying his buzzard and Moare Ore was flying a hauler. Our mission was simple, make sure Moare and his cargo made it through to our 0.0 base of ops safely. My personal mission, stick to Moare like glue, make sure he doesn’t get blown to bits. As we started our journey Chainer jumped first, obviously to make sure the gate was clear, then Moare and I. We did this 6 or 7 times successfully and ended up at our 0.0 home.

Moare and I docked up long enough to update our clones and allow Moare to jump in his cruiser. We undocked so that Chainer could show us the system. We set up a few safe warp bookmarks and headed out withChainer to see the sites. After hitting a few belts we noticed another ship coming to the belt we were near. Before Chainer could get the words out I was already in warp to a safe spot, then I heard it “Get out of here now!” “Too late”. The “Too late” was Moare, seems he didn’t get out in time.

Chainer and I docked up at the same station and began monitoring Local Comms. It wasn’t too long after that we heard a communication that we knew was directed at us. “Out ratting in my belts? in my backyard…”Chainer then mentioned that he was sure we were being camped and suggested we find some things to occupy our time in the station, rather than risk losing more corporate assets trying to out run our assailant. I agreed as I had seen very little combat in the past few months and knew I was a little rusty. Besides I had run out of alcohol and needed to find more and needed to find it quick.

Seems this new station I was going to be calling home had very little trade going on. This could be an issue. I was out of booze and needed a drink and couldn’t find anything in the station, which I was stuck in due to a hostile camping it. Trying to focus my attention anywhere but on my alcoholic needs I began assisting Chainer in an attempt to monitor local comms and make notes of groups that might also be inhabiting the system, and weeding out who “might be hostile”. It seemed as if we were at it for hours, all the while I could feel myself slowly slipping back into my sober reality, a reality I was sure I didn’t want to face….

As we finished and started heading to our bunks, Chainer informed me that we would be making run to Highsec the following day for another transport. Great! I thought as I hit my bunk, knowing that I would have enough time to pick up more than enough booze to keep me going for a few weeks. Either way tomorrow will be a hell of a day, already starting to sober up I closed my eyes and wished for sleep to hit fast….

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