To Whom It May Concern

“Skill Training Completed”…. About damn time, I thought as I jumped in my Caracal. At this point I couldn’t recall exactly how long I waited for this day. After boarding my ship I immediately hit the market and started gathering my fittings. Seeing as how I was very limited on isk I shopped as I usually do for the best price. After purchasing all of my new “toys” I immediately checked my assets to see how many jumps were ahead of me.

Having very few weapons, no drones, and no good fits yet on my new ship I departed. Risk? Sure I knew the risk, but I was a Highsec pilot, a 6 month noob. Dangers? Of course I know of the dangers in the depths of space. I spent a little time in fleet op’s during wardec’s while I was a capsuleer for EVE University.

So here we go I thought as I set my first destination and started my journey. My first destination was around 8 jumps if I recall. My second was around 5 if memory serves me. My next destination, the jump that I will never forget. 16 jumps. Star gate after Star gate I made my way til I was 1 jump from my destination. I vividly remember what I was picking up from this station. 2 Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I and 1 Anti-Kinetic Screen Reinforcer I.

As I set my ship to jump to my final destination a warning flashed on my controls. You are about to enter 0.4 space….. are you sure you want to do this. As I am not very familiar yet with low or nullsec space I thought for a second, weighed my options, the risks, and decided it was one jump, one station, in and out quick. I confirmed my jump. As I came through the Gate, I was ambushed……. Gate Campers…..

Damn it I thought, trying to figure out how I was going to get myself out of this mess. It took about 2 seconds for one of the Campers to make communication. I wish I would have saved that comm log but I can run down just about how it went. He told me I was a fool for jumping into his corps space. He asked me for 30 mil to save my ass, keep my ship and not lose my implants. This is when i chuckled. He didn’t know that I didn’t have any implants yet, well none that meant anything, and that I was broke from buying my new “toys”. I explained I didn’t have 30 mil and couldn’t borrow it as he suggested.

He then asked that I leave my ship, he never made it clear if he would Pod me or not, but I did as requested and left the new ship that I had waited what seemed like a lifetime to fly. I waited for about 10 seconds expecting the worst. I got one last communication from my favorite Gate Camper, “Thank You for you cooperation, and have a wonderful evening.” HaHa I thought as I warped to a station where I would be reunited with the shiny little Ibis that I had come to know so well over the past 6 months. Before I undocked I considered the fact that I had no idea where i really was, what systems were next in route around me and that I knew only one way out. The same way I came in…
So I undocked, thinking if they didn’t kill me the first time they would surely let me pass, seeing as how they just took my ship and all. I warped to the gate, before i could set my ship to jump I was in my pod, before i could think about warping i was dead…

As I re-emerged as a clone of my former self, in a station where I was sure I was safe and away from my Gate Camping friends I thought long and hard about what happened to me on this night in space. I tried to be mad, tried to plot revenge but somehow all I could do is laugh as read my losses on the kill mail. to this day, nearly a month later I still chuckle about my experience with “The Gate Camper with Manners” as I like to refer to him. This experience changed my EVE career and the outlook I had on fellow capsuleer’s and their choices. See I knew of the dangers before I set out and I still journeyed. I learned a very valuable lesson on the fate filled evening. I learned that no matter what anyone says, we are all just trying to take a piece of New Eden and make it our own. We are all just trying to make a viable mark on the vastness that is space. The only difference is how we choose to do it or how differently we choose to. Will there be differences, will there be wars, will there be carnage? I hope so…….

So…. To Whom It May Concern, and if you ever read this post I am sure you will know who you are. Thank You, if for nothing else opening my eyes to the world that is EVE and its many differences. You have forever changed me… Oh and thanks for being polite after you stole my ship 

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