0.0 Day 2……

When I opened my eyes I thought I was dead. Hell even death felt better than this, and at least with death the effects wear off after you awaken in your clone bay. I was obviously hungover, a feeling that I had not had to get used to seeing as how I usually had the opportunity to stay drunk. Luckily the dreams hadn’t started yet, but if I didn’t get a drink they were sure to come soon. When I got out of my bunk I almost fell over. After catching my balance I noticed the mirror on the wall, I started over to it, already hating the image I could see in the distance. As I got closer it got worse, I could see how pale my skin was, how bloodshot my eyes were. I couldn’t help but think of the past and why I had become such a crazy drunk.

I pulled a pack of smokes from my pocket, grabbed one as quick as my shaking hands would let me and lit it. Just as I started to head to my pod I heard some chatter on comms. I quickly boarded, to hear “the boss”calling for an escort from Stacmon to 0.0. Apparently this was the escort Chainer was speaking of the day before. I had no idea we would bringing the boss through and did not know if I was up for this sort of task. Either way I was sober and that wasn’t good, so I had to go with if I wanted any chance at a drink.

Chainer quickly informed me that we needed to head out. Once again he and I undocked, Chainer in his buzzard and I had the trusty merlin I had gotten to know so very well. The drill was pretty much the same, Chainer first, then me to make sure gates were clear all the way through. I was pretty shaky at this point, and you could probably tell by my flying.

What should have been a fairly easy escort through 6 low security systems quickly turned sour at around the 4th gate. Chainer jumped first and had me jump right along with him. We found ourselves camped, still cloaked I knew my time was running short and so did Chainer. What he did next made me question just which one of us was a crazy drunk. Chainer came on comms and said “on the count of 3 warp to the next gate”. Before I could even argue he was at 3 and as my merlin warped I watched him uncloak and sacrifice his buzzard. To this day I cant understand why, the mere price alone was not worth it.

As I hit the next gate in the system I waited on the gate for any sign of my flight partner. Chainer quickly came in behind me in his pod. I asked him why he sacrificed his ship for mine and he wouldn’t respond, just said lets keep going. We jumped to the next system and once again found ourselves camped. As we both hit warp we knew what the outcome would be. After a few large explosions and a lot of pain we found ourselves back in the very system we started from in a clone bay. This time with no ships but the Shiny Ibis given to us via the insurance company.

Chainer quickly called on comms to let Casiella know what happened and that we would not be able to escort her safely. Casiella obviously understood as she did not want to lose any of her assets either. Chainer decided it would be a good idea to get some projects completed in station, as well as trying to procure a few ships for us, and of course resting up. All I could think was “Rest up?” Ha, very easy for him to say. I was in bad condition, I was feeling the strain of my sober reality and had no way of getting a drink in this damn station.

As I headed back to my bunk I could feel myself growing angrier. I could feel the past that I had kept so hidden by booze creeping back up. I could feel the sweat start to pour down my pale face, and knew it would be a very long and restless night. I also knew at this rate it wouldn’t be long before my new corp mates would catch on to my problem and start asking questions. I can only hide my sober past for so long without drinking it away. Laying in my bunk I prayed to whatever God’s might be out there that the dreams would conceal themselves for one more night and that tomorrow would be the day I would finally get to drink it all away again…..

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