As I searched my pockets for a pack of smokes I realized that this could very well be the last time I would sit at this desk, in this station. As I lit a cigarette I made the decision that it would be the last time. There was nothing that could or would drag my ass back to this damn station. There are way too many bad memories here, countless hours spent alone working for a corporation that is going nowhere and going there as fast as it can.

As I powered on my comm systems I poured a tall drink. I needed to make this quick. For weeks I’d been working for this corporation alone. I am the only pilot who had been in those damn belts mining everyday. Where were the rest of the pilots that fly for this corp? I had all but drove myself crazy in the past weeks. I found myself talking to myself, almost answering at times. I had become a drunk, and a very lonely and volatile one.

As I poured my second drink I started becoming more enraged. I started to think about how it all began, the B.S. recruiter. How I was showered with gifts in the first few days. Then slowly people stopped working, pilots were stationside for weeks at a time, while I sat in belts mining and driving myself insane. I’d had enough at this point, there would be no more for me. I ‘d already started looking for another job. Started looking for a new home, a new station for this drunk and lonely pilot.

As I poured my third I started typing……

Sir, I have flown my last op for you. I am resigning effective immediately. I have lost my last ship to this corporation and its B.S. don’t fire even when fired upon rule. I have spent countless hours out in the fields mining and hauling. I have not seen a single pilot from this corporation in weeks. I have placed my self in the 24 hour stasis period and will have my hangar cleared before you get this message, I’m sure.

It was short and to the point. I pressed send, hopped in my pod, set my destination, and undocked. As I passed by the station I gave it the old 1 finger salute and hit the warp drive. I figured I would jump a few systems over and dock up long enough to buy more booze and find a more permanent home. I’d had a few offers and made a few friends in the past weeks. Just needed to sit and sort some things out. With my autopilot set I started sorting through job offers. Just when I thought I had made my mind up I heard some chatter on comms. A pilot I had befriended in my journey offered me a job. A job in Null Sec, for the Syndicate. I thought to myself what could be better than working for the “Mafia” of New Eden? Nothing, thats what, I immediately reset my autopilot to his corporate headquarters. As my ship entered the hangar only one thing was on my mind. I needed to get this application in and accepted and get out to Null Sec ASAP.

Immediately upon submission my application was accepted. BKAT was officially this pilots new home. I decided to unload my hauler and set up shop before fitting a new ship for my journey to Null Sec. Besides I was still drunk and needed some rest. I let Chainer know what my plans were and told him I would head to our Null Sec system as soon as I got some much needed rest. He agreed and with that I unloaded my cargo and headed to my bunk…… Much needed rest for a very worn out pilot.

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